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1.If you signed up to  01.10.2010- your registration (username and password) are valid for ARCHIVE.

If you are new user or you have registered in after that date - should make a new registration in the ARCHIVE.



VIP access is not available for here -

Super VIP access is available just for the top site:



2.To any album has information:price , the amount of albums and photo size.Also collages with the contents of the album.

3.If you want to buy the album:login to the site, click the red button.This will go in to PayPal for payment.


    When paying with the same email with which you registered:

After payment you will see the orange button (in your account PayPal) with text:

"return to merchant".

Click it and your access will be ready.

Then the red button on the album will write:download album.You'll see the zip files.

Once you log into site:
   bottom left in the user menu you will see:
  "my archives"
Click and you will see the zip files.

    If you make payment by a different email address than the one with which you registered, you can not see orange button.

Then you should write in your transaction your username or write

to the administrator using the menu "Contacts ". Write your username ,ID album and e-mail you the payment.

As soon as possible will ensure access.

4.The validity of paid access for each Album is 15 days.

After this period, your access to the album will be stopped.

5.If you have problems or questions: contact us.

As soon as possible will respond.

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