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Terms and Conditions
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Monday, 03 November 2008

 Refund Policy (for Services)

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you may contact us within 120 days from the purchase date and we will provide a full refund of your purchase.

 Privacy Policy
We value the privacy and security of the information that you share with us. This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, share, protect and process your information. Any information that you provide to us is used strictly to process and fulfill your purchase and/or for internal analytical purposes, as described in this Privacy Policy. We only share information for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, and we will not sell or redistribute any of your information to any third party. We use commercially reasonable efforts to protect your information from unauthorized disclosure. We may use the information from your order to process your purchase, provide a refund, provide customer service, improve or customize our products and services or fulfill applicable financial, tax, legal or compliance requirements. If you have any questions or concerns related to this Privacy Policy, please contact us.

Delivery Policy (for Downloadable Goods)
Upon receipt of your order, you will either be prompted to begin your download immediately or you will receive an e-mail from us with instructions to complete your download. If you are prompted to begin your download immediately, your completion of the download will constitute delivery to you of the item(s) you purchased. If you receive an e-mail from us with instructions to complete your download, the receipt by you of the e-mail will constitute delivery by us to you of the item(s) you purchased. In case you are unable to download the item(s) you purchase or you do not receive an e-mail from us with instructions to complete your download, you must contact us within 5 days from the date of your order. If you do not contact us within 5 days from the date of your order, the item(s) you purchased will be considered received, downloaded and delivered to you.

Terms and Conditions


Chapter 1. General regulations.


1.  The site SPORTSGALLERY.EU is a virtual information resource on the Internet, established in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, designed to enable its users with a specific purpose – to review and collect photos of competition and mass events.

2.  SPORTSGALLERY gives customers against registration, and where appropriate - and against sponsorship, the use of certain services in compliance with these General Terms and the legislation of Bulgaria on part of the users. The site reserves its right to use certain services to set additional conditions about which we will inform customers adequately.

3.  SPORTSGALLERY provides services for which registration is not required and are available.

4.  The services provided by SPORTSGALLERY are dynamic, i.e. they are continuously complementing and changing in order to their improvement. SPORTSGALLERY reserves the right to change the system of providing services, about which will promptly notify users.

5.  SPORTSGALLERY is not responsible for problems in providing services which are due to inappropriate customers’ equipment and incompatible software applications used by them and the services provided by SPORTSGALLERY.

6.  All photos on this site are copyrighted. Distribution and uploading photos in other websites or electronic media is strictly forbidden without the express consent of the owner- SPORTSGALLERY !


Chapter 2. User registration.

1. To use the services provided on sponsorship, the user is obligated to fill out an electronic form for registration and to declare his/her agreement with these General Terms.

2. According to the Law on Electronic Document and Electronic Signature, when the consumer agrees to the General Terms he makes an electronic statement, which declares that he is familiar with the general terms, agree with them and undertakes to abide them. The electronic statement, saved in an appropriate way on the server of SPORTSGALLERY, represents an electronic contract (see next Chapter).

3. During the registration each user can set username and password through which he/she will use the services, provided by SPORTSGALLERY. If the username already exists /there is another user with that name/, the user will be immediately informed in order to chosse a new username which is available. The user undertakes not to provide his/her username and password for use by third parties. SPORTSGALLERY is not responsible for damage occurring to the customer as a result of improper use of username and password by third parties. 


Chapter 3. The contract.


1. The registration of a user in SPORTSGALLERY has the virtue of agreements between him and SPORTSGALLERY. Immediately after registration the user receives message on the e-mail address, given by him/her, that contains his/her username and password and which represents confirmation of the contract.

2. When the customer wants to benefit from the sponsorship proposal, he made a specific request on the basis of a contract concluded between the parties. For the sponsorship application the rules of these general terms apply, as far as the extent of the service not otherwise provided. SPORTSGALLERY provides to the user an access to the requested service within a reasonable time after the payment of sponsorship amount.


Chapter 4. Applicability. Change.


1. The regulations of the general part are applied to all services, provided by SPORTSGALLERY, since they have not provided specific rules.

2. SPORTSGALLERY has the right to unilaterally change these general terms, about which it is obliged to inform the user at an appropriate time and in an appropriate way.

3. The user may state that he/she does not accept the changes within one week of its notification of changes. In this case, the contract between the consumer and the company is terminated within one week of application. If the user does not refuse the changes, he/she is deemed tied by them.  Refusal of changes does not entitle refund of paid services.


Chapter 5. Free services.


1. By SPORTSGALLERY, the company provides to the customers certain services available without registration. These services include "Search", "Add comments", "Vote" and other similar services.

2. The service "My Profile" is only available to registered users after entering a username and password.

3. The service "search" enables users to find an event.

4. The service "Add comments" enables users of the site to express their opinion about a material, thus it becomes generally available to other users.


Chapter 6. Paid services.


1. SPORTSGALLERY provides use of certain services against sponsorship, which besides the registration requires application and payment of certain price by the user.

2. The terms of use of a specific prepaid service are individual for every service and are specifically listed on the appropriate place. The usage may be single or subscription based for a specified period.

3. In case of changing the terms of use of certain paid service, this does not affect the rights of customers who have paid for the service before the introduction of the change.


Chapter 7. Rights and obligations of the Company.

1. SPORTSGALLERY is obliged to make due care to ensure a possibility to the users of using the services smoothly, provided pursuant to these General Terms and the legislation of Republic of Bulgaria.

2. SPORTSGALLERY has the right to deny the access to the site of certain users, where it is established that in any way, by their actions infringe the rights of SPORTSGALLERY or third parties and violate the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

3. SPORTSGALLERY has the right, but not obliged to delete materials from the site, that have obscene content, undermining the intellectual property rights or in any way violate the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

4. SPORTSGALLERY has the right to place into the site links to other web sites and any ad boxes, banners, etc. with a commercial aim, where these do not infringe the rights of customers.

5. The company has the right to terminate the provision of certain services, as it is obliged to inform the users via a message, published on the web site, no later than 7 days before termination of service.


Chapter 8. Rights and obligations of users.


1. The customers have the right to use services provided by SPORTSGALLERY abiding these general terms, the additional conditions for the certain services, and the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

2. The user has free and unrestricted right to change at any time the data, provided by him during the registration, abiding these general terms.

3. The user is obliged to provide itself the necessary equipment /hardware and software/ for the unimpeded use of the services, provided by the Company.

4. The user can use the information published on SPORTSGALLERY for personal use, while its reproduction and distribution in any way with or without commercial purposes is forbidden without permission of the author.

5. The user undertakes not to publish on SPORTSGALLERY comments that:

· infringe intellectual property rights;

·have obscene content;

· contain threats to life and health of third parties;

·have advertising purpose, if this is not by the Company;

·contradict in any way to these General Terms and the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

     6. In connection with the use of the services provided by SPORTSGALLERY, the user must:

· comply with these General Terms and the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria;

· monitor for violations of these General Terms and the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria by other users, and to promptly notify SPORTSGALLERY;

· not infringe in any way the rights of SPORTSGALLERY and third parties.

Chapter 9. Responsibility.


1. SPORTSGALLERY is not responsible for the content of published profiles, about their veracity and actuality. If a user of the site suffers damage as a result of unauthenticity or  unactuality of certain profile, the responsibility for this lies with the user that has published it.

2. If, as a result of unfair actions by the user, SPORTSGALLERY suffers damage, the user must compensate the Company for any suffered damages, including benefits paid to third parties, charges and expenses, attorneys fees, etc. The user must compensate SPORTSGALLERY and where the action is performed by authorities, his/her username  in SPORTSGALLERY will be put to their disposal.


Chapter 10. Information.


1. SPORTSGALLERY has the right to collect and store information about the users of the site in their registration so as to allow their identification.

2. SPORTSGALLERY is obliged to make due care to prevent access to the stored information for the customers by third parties. The Company undertakes not to provide the collected information about the users, with the exception of the cases when the user has consented to it or when an official request from explicitly authorized authorities as police, court, prosecutors etc.


Chapter 11. Additional provisions.


1. For all pending questions in these General Terms, must be applied the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

2. All the contradictions arose between SPORTSGALLERY and the users will be dealt with by negotiations and agreements, where such could not be reached, disputes will be decided by the competent court.


These General Terms regulate the use of the internet web site SPORTSGALLERY.EU, the information uploading and downloading from the site, the use of services provided in the site.


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